Second Day of the #SchumerShutdown of the United States Government

The Democrats excoriated the Republicans for the 1995–96 shutdown of the government. The Republicans would do well to take a page from their war games playbook and give it back in spades.

It was the Dems who voted to defeat a bill that would have kept the government functioning fully. The left shut down the government in order to hold the country hostage to illegal immigration (DACA). The enemedia is churning out left-wing propaganda blaming the Republicans. Like last time.

It will be difficult to drive the national conversation if you google “shutdown” — every link is a left-wing news site.

President Trump must whack the Democrats on the “shutdown” — it will be game over. He has led them into a trap they have constructed for themselves, as the Democrats have shown their true colors, preferring a group of non-citizens (illegal entrants?) to the whole of the USA.

Should widespread public support manifest itself for the President over this issue, then the credibility of the Democrats will be finished.

Shutdown politics, who has the upper hand?

Last night, in considering which party will be blamed the most for a sustained partial government shutdown, I mentioned two polls. The first, by the Washington Post, found that, by a 20-point margin, more Americans will blame President Trump and Republicans than Democrats. This, I believe, is similar to what most polls are showing, even though it was the Dems who voted to defeat a bill that would have kept the government functioning fully.

However, the second poll I mentioned, by CNN, suggested to me that Republicans might gain the upper hand in the blame game. That’s because of how the public adjudges the dispute that has led to the partial shutdown.

Specifically, 56 percent of Americans think it’s more important to avoid a government shutdown than to “continue DACA.” 34 percent think it is more important to “continue DACA.” The discontinuation of DACA is precisely the reason why Democrats are unwilling to vote for bills that would keep the government fully functioning.

CNN reporters Ryan Struyk and Jennifer Agiesta read this poll the same way I do. In fact, in an article called “Why Democrats may be making the wrong bet on the shutdown,” they point to additional findings that could cause the public, in the end, to blame Democrats more than Republicans.

Not only do more Americans say avoiding a shutdown is important than continuing DACA, a majority says finding a DACA fix is more important than opposing the wall. Trump and the GOP clearly are willing to do a DACA fix. To the extent Democrats are seen as unwilling to do a proper wall, public opinion may turn against them.

The CNN poll also found that the Children’s Health Insurance Program (CHIP) is seen as a higher priority than DACA. One would hope so. CHIP is for lower income American children, some 9 million of them. DACA is for illegal immigrants, fewer than 1 million of them.

But Democrats are giving DACA the higher priority. They have blocked legislation that would extend CHIP because it doesn’t revive DACA.

Thus, although public opinion seems to favor the Democrats now, and the mainstream media will do everything it can to keep things that way, the dynamic could easily change if an extended shutdown causes the public to think about who is arguing what.

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