Video and Photos: Leftists Screaming for “Palestinian” Jihad Disrupt Afternoon Commute at Penn Station

Jan 30, 2018. Penn Station. NYC. 5:30 pm. Protestors from the Hard Left and pro-“Palestine” persuasions assembled on the Amtrak level, demanding NO Jail For Terrorist Ahed Tamimi, while making it impossible for the Amtrak commuters to hear the boarding announcements.

Joining in the fray was the JDL- NY. They countered the lies on the Left with a bold display of SUPPORT FOR Israel. SILENCE is NOT the answer. The TRUTH must be seen and heard.

We heard many JDL proclamations of support FOR Israel as well as the declarations: “Go back to Jordan” and (in reference to Ahed Tamimi) “Terrorist, Terrorist”, “In Jail-NO Bail”.

Both sides made the most of this NO TIME FOR SILENCE, the NY Transit police, the National Guard and the State Police were brought in to keep order and to create a path – BUILDING a WALL of law enforcement.

A passage for all to pass by without feeling intimidated by the “fakestinian” protestors.

The Penn Station protest was led by Nerdeen Kiswani of NYC SJP (Students for Justice in Palestine) – seen here at another Tamimi protest in Union Sq (12-22-17)

Some of the other players from the LEFT this evening include: Nancy Mansour (aka Harrabic Tubman) from “Existence is Resistance”. She resurfaced, it seems (been in “Palestine” for quite awhile).

The ever-present capos, the Neturei Karta, taunted their FELLOW Jews with “Go To Hell” and “DROP DEAD.”

Some of the international reporters: William Denselow – TRT World – NY is funded in whole or in part by the Turkish government.
SABC (South Africa) Sherwin Bryce-Pease, interviewing JDL’s, Jim MacDonald.

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