Italy: Muslim migrant rapes woman on Rome street

And so it continues. This is Europe’s new normal. This is consistent with Islamic teachings (Senegal is 94% Muslim) — the taking of infidel women as sex slaves is in accordance with Islamic law.

This is the daily reality that women in Rome and all over Europe have to deal with, thanks to the feckless, suicidal immigration policies that have been indefatigably pursued by the European Union, Angela Merkel, and their ideological kin all over the continent. They have made daily life in cities that were once jewels of civilization — Paris, Rome, London — precarious, dangerous, threatening, and squalid. And it’s going to get worse. Much, much worse.

Saracinesche abbassate e negozi chiusi in piazza Vittorio e strade adiacenti, Roma, 11 maggio 2011. Molti commercianti cinesi, colpiti dalla psicosi dell’eventuale sisma ”fatale ” per la Citta’ Eterna, hanno chiuso le loro attivita’ esponendo cartelli con diverse motivazione: dalla malattia, alle ferie fino all’inventario. ANSA / FABIO CAMPANA

“Woman raped in Rome street, suspect arrested,” ANSA, February 13, 2018:

(ANSA) – Rome, February 13 – A 43-year-old woman was raped late on Monday in the street in Rome’s Piazza Vittorio, a square in a central area of the city with a strong multiethnic composition, sources said Tuesday.

Carabinieri police have arrested a suspect, a 31-year-old Senegalese national, the sources said….

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