Swedish School Installs Bulletproof Windows

Sweden stands as a stark warning against mass-migration from Islamic countries.

A private school in Stockholm, Sweden, has installed bulletproof windows in order to secure the students against attacks. Swedes and especially schools have experienced an extreme drop in safety as a result of mass-migration from the Islamic world.

“I think that our school system will reach a complete collapse within five years. Everyday in multicultural schools: Threats, violence and even rapes,” he tells to the magazine Samtiden. The teacher, “Mikael” only spoke on condition of anonymity.

“I’ve been cut with a knife, threatened, beaten and my car got vandalized. I’ve had students who have been abducted, maltreated and sold to sex for a cigarette. Even young pupils get robbed, and I have been to schools where there were bullet holes in the walls,” says the school teacher.

The company, Sensec Holding, that has sold and installed the bulletproof windows to the Stockholm school, writes in a press realease:

“Sensec Holding contiues to establish safety in vulnerable areas. We see an increasing demand in this segment (schools). This is an unfortunate consequence of society’s development, but good for our business.”

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