Islamic State calls for jihad attacks against “apostate” Arab states

They’re “apostate” because they don’t accept the authority of the Islamic State. The group has lost nearly all of its territory but still considers itself the caliphate, and thus as the sole legitimate authority among Sunni Muslims, declares all others to be outside the fold of Islam.

“Islamic State calls for attacks on Arab states, shifting focus from West,” by Stuart Winer, Times of Israel, April 23, 2018:

The official Islamic State spokesman on Sunday published a call for the jihadist terror group’s adherents to focus their attacks on Arab states, diverging from his previous policy of urging assaults on Western targets.

In an audio-recording that ran for nearly an hour, Abu Hassan al-Muhajir said there was no difference between fighting the Palestinians, Saudi Arabia, Egypt, or Iran and “their American Crusader allies, or the Russians or the Europeans,” the New York Times reported along with an English-language translation of some of his comments.

Arab states should be attacked because they are “apostates,” Muhajir said, using the terror group’s term to describe Sunni Muslims who do not follow its extremist version of the faith.

The Arabs were in fact worse than Western nations, as they were “more fierce and vicious against Islam.”

He also issued a warning over Iraq’s upcoming parliamentary election on May 12, saying “the polling centers and those inside are a target for our swords. So stay away from them and do not walk near them.”…

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