Netherlands: Almost 90% of migrants still unemployed after 2.5 years in the country

The entire Muslim migrant project was sold to Europeans as providing a work force to replace Europe’s aging native workers. This was always a lie.

“Almost 90% of refugees are still unemployed after living for 2.5 years in the Netherlands,” Voice of Europe, April 17, 2018:

Refugees with a residence permit barely have a job, Dutch newspaper “De Telegraaf” reports. Almost 90% of refugees, who received their residence permit in 2014, were unemployed two and a half years later, according to figures from the Dutch statistics office CBS.

While 11% of refugees do work, a large majority of them still don’t have a full-time job. After two and a half years only 15% are fully employed. The group mostly consists of Syrians and Eritreans: 75% of refugees come from one of those two countries….

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