Germany: Muslim migrant vandalizes two churches, causes $3650 in damage, is “mentally confused”

“The state police have already ruled out a political or religious motive for his actions.”

of course. Any such motive would be inconceivable, as everyone knows that Islam is a Religion of Peace and Tolerance. These acts of vandalism couldn’t have anything to do with the Qur’an calling non-Muslims “the most vile of created beings” (98:6) and calling for Muslims to wage war against and subjugate them (9:29). This is just more of the global outbreak of mental illness.

“Mentally confused man again attacks a church in Chemnitz – man is in specialized clinic,” translated from “Geistig Verwirrter greift erneut Kirche in Chemnitz an – Mann in Fachklinik,” FreiePresse, April 24, 2018:

Chemnitz. For the second time in a few days, a church in Chemnitz has been damaged by vandalism. Several stained glass windows were broken at the St. Peter’s Church at Theaterplatz on Monday evening. The man who is responsible for the deed had already broken into the church of St. Mark on the Sonnenberg over the weekend and had also rampaged there. He was provisionally arrested at the church. The suspect is a 24-year-old asylum seeker from Pakistan. The property damage incurred at the church amounts to around 3000 euros, according to police.

The suspect has significant health problems. The state police have already ruled out a political or religious motive for his actions. The Chemnitz district court issued an order of confinement for the 24-year-old on Tuesday. The man is housed in a specialist clinic, according to the police.

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