Merkel admits “another form of anti-Semitism” has entered Germany with Muslim migrants, is “dismayed” Jewish schools and synagogues now need police protectionMerkel admits “another form of anti-Semitism” has entered Germany with Muslim migrants, is “dismayed” Jewish schools and synagogues now need police protection

If Merkel is telling the truth, she is catastrophically ignorant. Did she really believe all that nonsense about Islam being a religion of peace and tolerance? Muslims have been making Europe unsafe for Jews for quite some time now, while it has remained Merkel’s policy to continue to import a veritable army of these violent Jew-haters. And she is only starting to notice now?

Jews are fleeing Germany, and Europe in general, en masse and with good reason. Islamic Jew-hatred — it’s in the Quran.

Angela Merkel is making Hitler’s dream a reality — a judenrein Germany, a judenrein Europe.

“Merkel admits ‘a new form of anti-Semitism’ has emerged among Germany’s Arab refugees and admits she is ‘dismayed’ that Jewish schools and synagogues require police protection,” AFP, April 23, 2018 (thanks to Inexion):

Angela Merkel has denounced the emergence of ‘another form of anti-Semitism’ from refugees of Arab origin in Germany.

The German Chancellor made the remarks in an interview with Israeli television on Sunday after an alleged anti-Semitic attack in Berlin on Tuesday provoked uproar.

According the German tabloid Bild, the main alleged perpetrator, who surrendered to police, is a Syrian refugee who lived in a centre for migrants near Berlin.

‘We have a new phenomenon, as we have many refugees among whom there are, for example, people of Arab origin who bring another form of anti-Semitism into the country,’ Merkel told the private Channel 10 network.

In the interview, Merkel said the German government had appointed a commissioner to fight against anti-Semitism.

‘The fact that no nursery, no school, no synagogue can be left without police protection dismays us,’ she said.

A Jewish organisation has called on all Berlin citizens to wear a skullcap and join a protest in front of the city hall to protest growing antisemitism on Wednesday.

The Jewish Community of the German capital of Berlin have planned the protest in front of the city hall.

Under the motto ‘Berlin wears a kippah’, the Jewish organisation is calling on every Berlin citizen to wear the traditional brimless cap also known as a yarmulke.

Berlin Mayor Michael Mueller, President of the Central Council of Jews in Germany Josef Schuster and chief of the Berlin Jewish Community Gideon Joffe are set to make speeches.

Women – who in Judaism never wear a kippah – have been called upon to wear a skullcap to make a statement.

The protest organisers said that skullcaps will be made available for everyone at the protest.

Merkel also reaffirmed that Israel’s security was a central concern for Germany because of its ‘eternal responsibility’ for the Holocaust.

But she rejected the possibility that Berlin would follow Washington’s example and move its embassy from Tel Aviv to Jerusalem.

‘We must work for a two-state solution, and according to that, the status of Jerusalem must be clarified,’ she said….

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