ISIS widow from Indiana whose son appeared in jihad propaganda videos defends buying Yazidi sex slaves

On Monday, the Geller Report brought you the story of Sam El Hassani, the Muslima from Indiana who went to Syria with her ISIS husband and did nothing when he bought two Yazidi sex slaves and raped them repeatedly in their home. In Monday’s post, I wrote: “The Muslims, according to their scripture (the scripture leftwing elites demand we respect) are entitled to this. Sex slavery is sanctioned under Islam. At the risk of repeating myself for the umpteenth time, sex slavery and rape of the infidel is sanctioned and rewarded under Islam. Muslim clerics all over the world confirm the right to have sex slaves. It is in the Qur’an — the word of Allah. Politicians and courts of law keep turning a blind eye, law enforcement keeps ignoring it, so this pox on our communities will continue to get worse.”

No doubt there are many who believe that such statements are false and “islamophobic.” But now Sam El Hassani herself has confirmed that they are true. She has refused to condemn and has even made excuses for her husband’s purchase and rape of these sex slaves. She claims they were treated better in her home than they would have been elsewhere — but notice that she never says anything about having made any effort to free them. She knows that what her husband did was completely Islamic. And she doesn’t want to be “islamophobic” herself by saying it was wrong.

“American ISIS widow whose son appeared in propaganda videos defends buying Yazidi sex slaves, details beatings in Syria and claims she dreams of returning to the US to eat McDonald’s with her children”, by Emily Crane, Daily Mail, April 20, 2018:

An American ISIS widow whose son appeared in propaganda videos has defended buying Yazidi sex slaves in Syria and says she dreams of returning to the US with her four children to eat McDonald’s.

Sam El Hassani, also known as Samantha Sally, is currently in a Kurdish prison in Syria with her children after being taken into custody following ISIS’s collapse in Raqqa.

The 32-year-old’s ISIS-fighting husband Moussa El Hassani was killed last year in a drone strike.

In an interview from prison with CNN, El Hassani spoke of her life in the Caliphate as a ‘prisoner’ and said her husband once took her to a Yazidi slave market after suggesting they could help keep her and the children company while he was off fighting.

Over time, she said the couple bought two female teenage slaves and a young boy. The first slave was a girl named Soad, now aged 17, who El Hassani said she paid $10,000 for.

El Hassani said her husband repeatedly raped the two girls but she defended her decision to purchase them because she offered them protection.

‘In every house that she was in before that was the same situation, but she did not have the support of someone like me,’ El Hassani told CNN.

‘I would never apologize for bringing those girls to my house. They had me and I had them.

‘In any other situation they would be locked in a bedroom and fed tea every day. We cooked together, we cleaned together. Drank coffee together. Slept in the same room together. I was like their mother.’

Soad sent CNN a video message from an Iraqi refugee camp confirming that El Hassani rescued her.

She said her children also became victims, especially her son Matthew who became the subject of ISIS propaganda videos in which he vowed revenge on US President Donald Trump…..

The married couple had been living in Elkhart, Indiana with two children when Sam claims her husband lured them to ISIS in Syria

The first Yazidi slave El Hassani said she bought at a market for $10,000 was a 17-year-old girl named Soad (pictured above)

Her son Matthew’s face was seen around the world in the 2017 propaganda video where he called Trump ‘ a puppet of the Jews’ and threatened terror attacks on the US


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