Pennsylvania: Muslim claiming to be Lafayette College student threatens bombings, “I will destroy Christianity within the school”

There didn’t turn out to be any bombs on campus. Perhaps Jafar Saleem simply wanted to “strike terror in the enemies of Allah” (Qur’an 8:60). In any case, since this took place at a college, it would have been interesting to be a fly on the wall in the next day’s “Islamophobia” classes. But no doubt if they touched on this incident at all, it was only to emphasize that such actions have nothing whatsoever to do with Islam, and that Muslims are the real victims of these incidents.






“Tweets, online post says Lafayette student joined ISIS and planned attack on campus,” by Rudy Miller, Lehigh Valley Live, May 6, 2018:

UPDATE: No bombs found at Lafayette after ISIS message posted

The FBI is investigating a series of tweets sent from a person claiming to be a Lafayette College student who pledged allegiance to ISIS and threatens to detonate bombs around the campus.

Lafayette College Vice President of Marketing and Communications Mark Eyerly confirmed that an investigation in effect late Saturday was prompted by a series of tweets sent from the account of “Jafar Saleem (Brendan).”

“I will destroy the Christianity within the school and make Allah proud,” read one tweet sent late Saturday.

One tweet links to an open letter posted on the website

In the post, the writer “Jafar” says “I’ve pledged my allegiance to ISIS.”

The writer goes on to say he’s planted bombs around the Easton college campus.

“I have set up several pipe bombs, pressure cookers and nail bombs around the campus and plan to inflict the utmost damage possible,” the post says.

Another tweet shows a photo with a cache of assault weapons.

“Allah has graced us with these weapons of destruction to carry out his needs,” the tweet reads….

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