ISIS executioner living in Toronto admits to murders on New York Times podcast, hasn’t been charged

Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi made this admission in a New York Times podcast.
A New York Times podcast.

How many times have my colleagues or I been on a New York Times podcast? Has the New York Times ever given an iota of the respect to us that they so generously dole out to Muslim slaughterers?

The New York Times wrote of our work in the defense of freedom as if it were criminal, hateful and ugly — while exalting the 21st century religio-nazi movement.
This is just the latest example in a long line of examples of their siding with the jihad force.
“Canadian ISIS executioner who admitted to killings on podcast has Conservatives worried,” Postmedia News, May 11, 2018:

WARNING: Contains graphic content

A self-proclaimed executioner for ISIS, reportedly living in Toronto has federal Conservative MPs worried.

In the New York Times podcast, Caliphate, a man under the pseudonym Abu Huzaifa al-Kanadi admitted to killing people for the terrorist group when he was in Syria.

“One shot. Clean to the head. Just finish them off,” Abu Huzaifa said on the podcast of executions. “They brought in these men wearing blue jumpsuits…they were blindfolded, handcuffed, came in as a line and sat in front of us.”

Abu Huzaifa casually described how an ISIS execution took place. He said the Sunni Muslim men were non-emotional as they prepared to meet their demise.

“To me, they looked like animals (when they were facing me),” Abu Huzaifa told interviewer Rukmini Callimachi. “The guy (in front of us) would give us a cue and then say, ‘Fire!’”

At first, Abu Huzaifa said he couldn’t do it because the men looked like “regular guys,” but he said he kept telling himself that he was “doing it for a reason” and he “wouldn’t be held accountable.”

“They put themselves in that situation. They (the prisoners) killed themselves,” he said. “Then you just have to close your eyes and do it…and just shoot.”

The man said executions were part of steps to become a front-line fighter, which was one of his goals.

Abu Huzaifa is now reportedly living in Toronto, due to operational security reasons, the CBC reported.

While he was reportedly questioned by CSIS and the RCMP, Abu Huzaifa has not been charged with any crimes.

This has federal Conservatives worried, demanding that something must be done….

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