Sweden: City that allows Islamic call to prayer on loudspeakers twice rejected church bells

The double standard is easily explained: Christians won’t riot or kill, or threaten to do so, if rejected.

“Sweden: Church calls forbidden in town were mosque is allowed to air 110dB Islamic call to prayer,” by Joshua Cullen, Voice of Europe, May 12, 2018:

Thursday we’ve reported on that the mosque in Sweden’s Växjö received permission to broadcast their call to prayer. But when the St. Michael’s Church applied for a wake-up call for church services in the same city, they received a ‘no’, newspaper Smålandsposten reports.

According to priest Ingvar Fogelqvist, the town rejected his requests to ring the bell because the sound of it could “disturb the area”. Fogelqvist’s requests were two times rejected two times: In the 1990s and again in the early 2000s.

He believes that the ringing is a nice old Christian tradition that his church would like to be able to use and it “would make the Catholic Church a bit more visible here in the community”.

After the local mosque is now allowed to broadcast its 110 decibels Calls to Prayer, the church may now apply to ring bells outside….
Source: https://www.jihadwatch.org/2018/05/sweden-city-that-allows-islamic-call-to-prayer-on-loudspeakers-twice-rejected-church-bells

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