VIDEO Paris: Screaming “Allahu akbar!” Muslim kills one, STABS several others, before being shot by police

Parisians need a second amendment.

A jihad stabbing spree in Paris has left two dead, including the attacker who was fatally shot by police in the city’s Opera district.

Paris attacker shot by police after stabbing several people and killing at least one victim

The Independent, May 12, 2018:

Police have shot a man who launched a knife attack in Paris dead after he killed at least one person and injuring four others.

A witness told The Independent the assailant was shouting “Allahu akbar” and trying to get into restaurants as diners barricaded the doors.

“First one we thought it was two guys fighting,” said Fiona, who was having dinner in Kintaro restaurant and did not want her second name published.

“People that were queuing outside ran into the restaurant screaming, so everyone panicked and threw themselves on the floor.”

Fiona said the same man came back with the knife minutes later and was “screaming Allahu akbar”.

“Some guys including my friend blocked the door in case he would try to enter,” she added.

“When we ran away they were still looking for the guy and one woman was laying down on the floor her neck was bleeding.”


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