Columbia University Professor Blames Israel on Facebook for ‘Every Dirty, Treacherous Act Happening in the World’

While Facebook moves to shut down all voices that dissent from the leftist agenda, this Jew-hating dissembler is just fine with them. Columbia University doesn’t have any problem with him, either: his views are commonplace on campuses all over the country. But whenever I or anyone else who opposes jihad terror and Jew-hatred is invited to speak on a college campus, there are protests and now even riots from leftist students who can’t stand the expression of any opposing point of views. Campuses today have become hotbeds of leftist indoctrination; Hamid Dabashi is just another one of the ones doing the indoctrinating.

“Columbia University Professor Blames Israel for ‘Every Dirty, Treacherous Act Happening in the World,’ Claims Iran Nuke Deal Opposed by ‘Fifth Column Zionists,’” by Shiri Moshe, Algemeiner, May 9, 2018 (thanks to Inexion):

A professor at Columbia University in New York accused Israel on Tuesday of being behind every calamity in the world, and asserted that Zionists who oppose the 2015 nuclear deal with Iran are disloyal to the United States.

Hamid Dabashi, a professor of Iranian Studies and Comparative Literature at Columbia, wrote on Facebook, “Every dirty treacherous ugly and pernicious act happening in the world just wait for a few days and the ugly name of ‘Israel’ will pup [sic] up as a key actor in the atrocities.”

His post linked to a New York Times article claiming that unidentified critics of the nuclear agreement with Iran hired Black Cube, a private firm founded by former Israeli military intelligence analysts, to gather information on a top aide to President Barack Obama and his family.

The professor also denounced “opponents of the Iran Nuclear deal” as “diehard Fifth Column Zionists working against the best interests of Americans and for the best interests of Israelis.”

Accusations of dual loyalty against “Zionists” are frequently employed by neo-Nazis, including former Grand Wizard of the Ku Klux Klan David Duke, who in 2012 said that “Israel and the Zionist fifth column in government, big media and finance” support a war with Iran.

The International Holocaust Remembrance Alliance’s definition of antisemitism, which has been adopted by the US and 30 other member states, includes “accusing Jewish citizens of being more loyal to Israel, or to the alleged priorities of Jews worldwide, than to the interests of their own nations.”…

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