Canada: Leftist candidate condemns “Islamophobia” in attempt to gain Muslim votes

In a recent interview with a Canadian Muslim group, Ontario NDP candidate Andrea Horwath condemned “Islamophobia” in her attempt to obtain Muslim votes. Horwath has rarely (if ever) spoken out against anti-Semitism. Hate crimes against Jews are significantly higher than any other group in Ontario, and Canada as a whole. Much higher than the rate of hate crimes against Muslims. For example, in the year 2017, a staggering 53 percent (the number is likely higher) of the hate crimes recorded in Toronto were against Jews. By comparison, the same report showed that only 28 percent of the hate crimes recorded were directed against Muslims. Horwath has also not spoken out against Muslim groups for terrorizing pro-Israel Jewish students in universities all over of Ontario.

The NDP reeks of anti-Semitism due to its attempts to obtain Muslim votes. Just last month, Horwath refused to condemn an NDP Muslim candidate who posted an image of Adolf Hitler on social media. Many members of the NDP Party support the BDS Movement and have called for sanctions against the Jewish state. It wasn’t always like this. In pre-Muslim immigration Canada, a vote for the NDP was not a vote for boycotting Israel or anti-Semitism. Former NDP premiers Bob Rae of Ontario and Dave Barrett of British Colombia were staunch supporters of Israel.

However, all of that changed when tens of thousands of people arrived in Canada from Israel-hating Muslim majority countries. The NDP (and Liberal Party) thought they had no choice but to move away from Israel. To obtain the Muslim vote, a politician would need to create motions to fight “Islamophobia,” and also be highly critical or even abandon Israel. It does not matter whether this appeasement benefits Canada or not. It’s all about obtaining votes and staying in office.
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