Canada’s Right Turn: Conservative Doug Ford wins Ontario’s provincial election!

Thankfully Doug Ford defeated Andrea Horwath of the radical & anti-Semitic NDP. Could this be an indication of what is to come next year, in Canada’s Federal Election? Is it possible that Canadians are waking up? Let’s hope so. Canada cannot afford another term of Prime Minister Justin Trudeau and his pro-sharia policies. It’s up to the Conservative Party candidate Andrew Scheer, who is currently ahead in the polls. Scheer better be aggressive when he debates Trudeau. Trudeau will undoubtedly have the radical Canadian media in his corner. If Scheer debates like Mitt Romney, he will surely lose, and Canada’s worst-ever Prime Minister will remain in power. If Trudeau is re-elected and continues to alter the Canadian electorate, a Conservative politician may never again be elected Prime Minister of Canada.

Doug Ford’s Progressive Conservatives win majority government


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