Germany: Politician from Merkel’s party says girl murdered by Muslim migrant “would have been hit by a car”

Apparently there is no depth to which the political elites will not sink in order to defend their disastrous policies regarding mass Muslim migration.

“CDA politician: Susanna could have died differently,” translated from “CDA Politikerin: Susanna hätte auch anders sterben können,” MM News, June 10, 2018 (thanks to Searchlight Germany):

A post from NRW Christian Democrat Venny Lang is stirring people up. On Facebook, she said: “If Susanna had not been murdered by the Iraqi, she might have been ‘run over by a car or someone else would have killed her.’”

The Christian Democratic Workers’ Union (CDA) is an association of the CDU and describes itself as the social wing of the CDU. NRW board member Venny Lang commented on the circumstances surrounding the murder of Susanna and sees no connection to refugee policy.

The lawyer believes that Susanna would have died anyway and wrote: “Maybe she would have been hit by a car or someone else would have killed her.”

After a shitstorm her profile was deleted. Here’s the screenshot:


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