“We have taken back Ontario”: Doug Ford leads PCs to majority government

The left has far overreached, and is suffering historic reversals. Justin Trudeau won a decisive victory to become Prime Minister of Canada several years ago, but now the Canadian people have seen what he has done, drastically weakening Canada, embarrassing it on the world stage, and inundating the country with Muslim migrants. The “anti-Islamophobia” motion M-103 has stifled the freedom of speech. The people of Canada have had enough, and now in Ontario, they have struck back and rebuked the Liberals as they have never been rebuked before. We can hope this will herald a defeat of Trudeau that is just as decisive in national elections next year.

“‘We have taken back Ontario’: Doug Ford leads PCs to majority government,” by Lucas Powers, CBC News, June 7, 2018:

Led by Doug Ford, Ontario’s Progressive Conservatives have secured a majority government, ending nearly 15 years of Liberal power in the province.

The NDP will form the Official Opposition, while the embattled Liberals were handed a historic rebuke from voters, losing the vast majority of their seats at Queen’s Park with their lowest-ever share of the popular vote.

Shortly after results were announced, Kathleen Wynne revealed she will resign as Liberal leader, as the Grits failed to pick up the eight seats necessary to maintain official party status.

Buoyed by Ford — a one-term Toronto city councillor and businessman — the PCs ran a populist campaign long on commitments but short on fiscal details, promising a tax cut for the middle class and corporations and a drastic reduction in the price of hydro and gasoline….

Riding a wave of entrenched anti-Liberal sentiment, the Tories managed to win 76 seats, up from the 27 they held when the campaign kicked off in May.

“My friends, this victory belongs to you. This victory belongs to the people. And tonight, the people of Ontario have spoken,” Ford said in a speech to supporters at an event in Toronto….

“…Together we made history. We have taken back Ontario, we have delivered a government that is for the people,” he continued.

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