Chicago-area town board member pressured to resign for noting that Muslim immigrants aren’t integrating

Good for Brannigan: she is refusing to resign, despite the pressure. Who is funding these protests against her, and paying for these glossy signs? In any case, she is right: there is a problem with Muslims not integrating, and with Middle Eastern students without proper documentation. Why is it “racist” to bring up such matters? Because the left is hell-bent on inundating our nation with Muslim migrants, and on demonizing and destroying anyone who dares to utter a dissenting word. Susan Brannigan should hang tough and never give in to this leftist intimidation — to give in would only encourage more of it.

“Palos Township trustee says she won’t resign a year after Facebook comments about Middle Eastern immigrants ignited protests,” by Zak Koeske, Chicago Tribune, July 10, 2018 (thanks to Mary Ellen):

​​​​​​In the year since protesters began picketing Palos Township board meetings to demand Trustee Sharon Brannigan resign for incendiary Facebook posts she made about Middle Eastern immigrants, little has changed.

The activists pack the township’s tiny boardroom on the second Monday of every month to attempt to shame and deride Brannigan for her comments. Brannigan refuses to step down.

“Can’t stop, won’t stop,” said Emily Biegel, founder of Southwest Suburban Activists, reflecting on the one-year anniversary of the protests.

“The only solution is that racists are not in power, and that racists are not public officials,” Biegel said. “And so, however long it takes for her to either step down or for us to vote her out, we will ensure that racists are not in power and that…they will be held accountable for their words and that they cannot isolate and hate their constituents because of their descent.”

But Brannigan said Tuesday she stands by her position from a year ago that her comments weren’t meant to be racist: “Obviously, name calling doesn’t get anyone anywhere. . . People who scream, yell, whine and carry on when they do not get their way.”

About 100 protesters turned out for Monday’s meeting wielding glossy signs that read, “I’m here because Sharon Brannigan said this … ” with a photo of Brannigan surrounded by screenshots of her controversial Facebook posts.

“In the 3rd district here in Illinois, our demographics include 25% Muslims of which very few integrate within the communities keeping themselves and their activities hidden from the general population,” reads one of Brannigan’s posts highlighted on the posters. “Everywhere you turn, from Orland Park to Bridgeview, those numbers are increasing in leaps and bounds. We are allowing these people whether they have peaceful intentions or not into our country without question.”

Another of her social media statements plastered on the signs asks, “What’s Palos doing? Why are all our schools filling with Middle Eastern students without proper documentation? What is Dan Lipinski 3rd district rep. (D) doing about it?”…

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