Florida: Mass Murder Plot Thwarted, CAUGHT Before Blowing Up Building to “Kill All The F***king Jews”

This Jew-hater was captured in the act. He was setting up the gas containers, had poured gas down the hallways and elevators and had padlocks to put on the fire hoses to prevent the fire department from using them. But this story will get nary a mention in the elite (antisemitic) left-press. But comment on a hijab and you are worldwide news.

Note the first sentence of this local news report: “A Miami Beach man upset with his Jewish neighbors” as if that were some justification. My colleagues and I are excoriated for opposing jihad terror and sharia savagery, but they imply justification because he was “upset with his Jewish neighbors.”

July 13, 2018: MIAMI (CBSMiami) – A Miami Beach man upset with his Jewish neighbors after he was evicted from his condo reportedly vowed to burn down the building with “all the f***ing Jews.”

Witnesses told police that Walter Stolper, 72, had shown aggression toward some of residents and board of directors of his building at 56th Street and Collins Avenue.

One witness said Stolper said he was going to burn the building down and “kill all Jews.”

Stolper reportedly said he planned to fill plastic containers with gas, pour it down the main drain line and ignite it. He also said he had purchased padlocks to put on the fire hoses to prevent the fire department from using them, according to his arrest report.

When police officers to Stolper’s building to ask him about the threat, they reportedly found him in the parking garage moving two plastic containers with gas in a shopping cart. As the officers got closer, they could smell the gas.

As they were speaking with him, a building resident approached and said there was a strong odor of gas in the hallways and elevators.

Police found eight plastic containers filled with gas in the garbage chute dumpster. The containers were identical to the ones Stolper had in the shopping cart. Police were also able to determine that gas has also been poured down the chute from the 15th floor.

While interviewing Stolper in his 15th-floor unit, they observed artifacts with swastikas and books of Nazi ideology. They also noticed that Stolper had destroyed the smoke detector in his unit which was hardwired into the building’s fire system.

When asked about the gas in the containers, Stolper told the officers, “I bought the gas to make a small BBQ.”

Stolper was arrested and charged with one count of attempted arson.

No hate crime charges? But dare look askance at a hijab …..

Source: https://gellerreport.com/2018/07/jewahtred-mass-murder-miami.html/

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