Will Iran be Trump’s Reagan Moment?

For those of us who are old enough and follow history, there is no doubt that former US president Ronald Reagan was instrumental in hastening the fall of the former Soviet Union and its satellite, Poland, in the Communist era, with the opposition leadership icon of Lech Walesa in Warsaw.

President Reagan, who was president from 1981 to 1989, is admired in the former Soviet satellite states for a tough line credited with having hastened the collapse of the Soviet Union.

On the contrary, the mullahs of Iran, the sworn enemies of the United States of America, have been dealt with using extreme caution and appeasement, while ignoring the will and the demands of the Iranian people, who for forty years experienced all that is abhorrent to humanity.

These mullahs believe their own delusions of grandeur. They think that they can win with their brinkmanship, and they do firmly believe that they will outsmart America and the rest of the world, and will ultimately have their way continuing down this path. In the process, they are more than willing to do whatever services their objective, by any and all devious means. Dealing with the mullahs brings to mind the “peace in our time” that Chamberlain brought to England by his deal-making with the Führer. Except that this time the stakes may be much higher and deadlier.

Dissatisfaction with the rule of the mullahs is widespread. Students, traditionally the vanguard of political and social reform in Iran, continue their valiant struggle in the face of torture, imprisonment and death. Labor unions, although tightly controlled, are in a constant state of rebellion against the inhumane treatment by the state. Hundreds of farmers have demonstrated in the Iranian city of Isfahan over the lack of water available to irrigate their fields.

Ethnic and religious minorities suffering under ruthless Islamic injustice and pogrom-like measures are ripe for mass eruption.

The litany of Islamic death-based beliefs and actions is indeed long. No need to go there. In my opinion, the Trump administration can assist Iran in its internal struggles tremendously. He is extremely popular among the Iranian population and some view him as their savior. Rather than narrowly-focused negotiations and sanctions against Iran and its citizens, Trump should put extreme pressure on the regime to behave – not only on the nuclear issues but on the larger quandaries of Iran’s human rights — while other options on should remain on the table.

There has been a measurable decline in Iran’s living standards since the US-imposed sanctions by the Trump administration took effect. As a result of the subsequent plunge in the value of the rial, the Iranian currency, the country has been battling triple-digit inflation. This has pushed up the prices of essential commodities. Most people are under the impression that Iranians have been pouring into the streets because of the collapse of the rial. That is only part of the truth. The Iranian people simply don’t want the mullahs. They want regime change and they are ready to die for it.

It is hard to predict exactly when this regime will fall. But this regime never had any legitimacy to begin with, and has no legitimacy now. If they fall, they have nowhere to go. So in their calculation, they have to stay and fight to the death and use the Islamic Revolutionary Guard Corps (IRGC), along with a paramilitary volunteer militia (Basij) and other terrorist organizations they have trained, to keep themselves alive.

Let’s make this clear: there is no question about Iranians’ determination for regime change. It is only a matter of time, and not a very long one either. The Islamic regime is in deep trouble. Masses of Iranians are irreparably alienated from the corrupt oppressive Islamic rule.

Iranians, like all of us, have the rights to determine their own destiny. Luckily, unlike Obama, Trump will not be silent on Iran. He has on numerous occasions supported the Iranian people in their quest for freedom and the rule of law. The time has come for the international community to come together and unanimously condemn the Islamic Republic for their crimes against humanity.

“We stand with the proud people of Iran because it is right, and because the regime in Tehran threatens the peace and security of the world. That is the essence of American leadership, and as the people of Iran now know, the United States is leading on the world stage for freedom once again,” said the President.

As expected, and with a deep regret, many of our European partners, as well as the United Nations, have thus far failed to forcefully speak out on the growing crisis in Iran. They are always on the wrong side of history.

Above all, though, the Iranian people demand that the international community pressure the Islamic regime and insist the Iranian people alone have the ability and legitimacy to determine their own political life, whatever they choose it to be.

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