Acid Jihad: Christian hospital manager MURDERED in motorcycle acid attack by Muslim co-workers

A Christian manager of a local hospital in Lahore was killed after being targeted in an acid attack whilst getting off his motorcycle just before the start of his shift. He clung to life for a few days, but succumbed to his horrific injuries. Islamic supremacism in action. The attack was carried out by two of his Muslim coworkers, who resented the fact that they had to work under the supervision of a Christian.

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Acid jihad is rampant in the Muslim world and his seen a rise in Western Europe with the influx of large-scale Muslim immigration.

There is no media coverage of the daily acts of Islamic supremacist savagery, but dare leave a piece of bacon outside a mosque, and there will be hell to pay across the world. Hate crime convictions! Jail time for Facebook postings!


Pakistani Christian Persecution

The First Week of September has witnessed the continuous attacks on Christian individuals throughout the country of Pakistan. One of the most recent attacks was on a young Christian man by the name of Faraz Baddar. Faraz worked as a manager of in a local hospital in the city of Gurjanwala. As he was returning home from work a two men on a motorcycle rode up and doused him in acid. It is suspected that the attack was carried out by two of his Muslim coworkers who resented the fact that they had to work under the supervision of a Christian.

Faraz’s entire body was burned from this vicious attack. He was under care of the Mayo Hospital in Lahore.

His attackers remain at large. Attacks like this against Christians are quite common in Pakistan, and all too often, the local authorities decide to simply look the other way.

Sources:Bakhsh, Madeeha. “Gujranwala’s Christian Suffers ‘Serious’ Injuries in Male Acid Attack.” Christians in Pakistan. September 07, 2018.

British Pakistani Christians has more:

Faraz Ahmed Badar (26 yrs) resided in Gujaranwala and after the attack was immediately taken into the private hospital of his employment, but later rushed to DHQ Hospital Gujaranwala. Due to the severity of his injuries he was transferred to Mayo Hospital, Lahore. Neither hospital has a special burns unit and despite the best efforts of medical staff his health deteriorated daily, leading to his eventual death on 15th September 2018. Both Hospitals have reported that the body of Faraz Badar was litterd with signs of torture which seems to have been undertaken after the chemical was sprayed upon him, on what is being described as an extremely brutal and callous attack.

Faraz before the attack.

Faraz was a young graduate in Pharmacy and had been working at DHQ Hospital in Gujaranwala for about two years. On September 5th at around 2 a.m, when he was going home from the hospital some unknown assailants sprayed acid upon him”. This is not the first time Faraz has been attacked and there were indications of previous torture on his body.

BPCA officer Zeeshan Masih, visited the family before his death and were able to speak to his father Badar Masih (48 yrs), he said:

“There was a lot of jealousy at his place of employment, we live in a dog eat dog culture where often Christians become the victims because of their vulnerable status.

“My son was regularly abused by Muslim’s who could not stand the fact that a Christian man was in a position senior to them.

“Our country is bigoted and many most Muslims believe all Christians should be sweepers not managers, they call us ‘Chura’ a name that means untouchable cleaner.”

Badar Masih alleges this was not the first time that Faraz was attacked, only when the family told the police about the incident they were ignored because they were Christian.

He added:

“This is not the first time that Faraz was attacked.

“Only a few months previously Faraz was attacked by another group of unidentified men wearing masks telling that as a Christian he was not fit to lick their boots, they even shoved their boots in Faraz’s mouth.

“They threatened him with death unless he left his employment telling him that his ritual impurity meant he was contaminating the health of ‘pure Muslims”.

Faraz’s mother known as Bibi (45 yrs) spoke with the BPCA, she said:

“I cannot believe my innocent son was killed. He done nothing wrong barring adhering to the Christian faith.

“He was a committed volunteer of our church and he was nearing the age of marriage which was very exciting for our family – he did not get a chance to live a full life.”

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