Austria: Muslim migrant brutally attacks three elderly women, seriously injuring them

Celebrate diversity! Diversity is our strength! This is the vibrant diversity that results when one imports large numbers of people from a culture that sanctifies violence into the senescent West.

“Three women at the bus stop attacked and injured,” translated from “Drei Frauen an Haltestelle attackiert und verletzt,” Krone, September 29, 2018 (thanks to Searchlight Germany):

Brutal scenes took place on Friday evening in the Vienna district of Alsergrund: A 41-year-old Syrian initially attacked three women aged 65, 67 and 75 at a tram stop and injured them, at times severely, before he began to riot in a street a little later, and smashed windows. In the Fluchtgasse street, the police put an end to the aggressive activities of the suspect after using pepper spray, and his raging could be overcome.

At first, the 41-year-old had apparently begun to rage in Währinger Straße. At one stop, he suddenly started striking the three women with his fists and punching them. The victims all fell down, were kicked, and at times suffered serious injuries. The police reported about concussions as well as bruises and hematomas. Afterwards, the attacker fled, apparently to run amok in the Pichlergasse again. So he broke several glass panes in the street and also suffered serious injuries, according to an official.

However, this did not prevent the suspect from raging the Fluchtgasse street. When he again threatened several passers-by with fists, the police were finally called. Only a short time later, officers arrived on the spot. But the perpetrator also went after the policemen, tried to attack them, and shouted loudly in Arabic…

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