Christine Douglass-Williams, “Diversity means two-tier justice”

Jihad Watch writer Christine Douglass-Williams was in Warsaw recently at the conference of the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE). Here is a videos of one of her brief interventions there, calling upon the OSCE to take note of the fact that “tolerance” must not mean a two-tier legal system.

This is a supremely important point, as Sharia enclaves have been established and are growing all over Europe. One of the foremost achievements of the Western world was the idea of one law for all people, not one law for the nobles and one for the commoners. This is being forgotten today, as enclaves with parallel legal systems are defended as the price of “diversity.” It is a price that free societies will ultimately find too steep to pay, as Sharia supremacists demand the extension of Sharia principles over more and more of the larger society.

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