UK: Over 100,000 pounds of onions destroyed after Muslim migrants discovered hiding in delivery trucks

What is the likelihood that these migrants will become loyal, stable, productive members of British society?

“Border force discovers migrants in onion lorries at Port of Poole,” Dorset Echo, September 30, 2018:

THE discovery of more than 20 migrants in vehicles at the Port of Poole during two separate incidents resulted in 47,000kg of onions being surrendered and destroyed.

Officers from Borough of Poole were forced to dispose of the large quantity of the onion as the goods had been “contaminated during transit”.

The migrants, who were discovered by Border Force staff, identified themselves as Albanian, Iranian, Iraqi and Afghan and were found hidden in the lorries.

The first seizure involved a consignment of 23,000kg entering on a vehicle via the Port of Poole while the more recent case contained a vehicle containing a 24,000kg load.

Borough of Poole said the items had to be disposed of to prevent any contaminated goods from coming into contact with the public.

It is estimated the overall cost of the onions in high street supermarkets is more than £35,000….

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