GOP Senators Receive Death Threats on Their PERSONAL CELL PHONES Following Kavanaugh Confirmation

More handiwork from the treasonous party of criminals and destroyers. Only a small number of trusted staffers have the Senators’ cell phone numbers, so the perpetrator here ought to be easy enough to discover. The Democrats have become so unhinged in their hatred and rage that they are exposing the Republican Senators to death threats, and would no doubt pop a cork and celebrate if one or more of them got killed. Pure evil.

“BREAKING: GOP Senators Receive Death Threats on Their PERSONAL CELL PHONES Following Kavanaugh Confirmation,” by Cristina Laila, Gateway Pundit, October 6, 2018:

Brett Kavanaugh was sworn in as the 114th Supreme Court Justice in US history Saturday evening.

The Democrats, led by Dianne Feinstein and Chuck Schumer launched the most evil smear campaign against Kavanaugh in modern times–and they still lost.

Republican lawmakers have been screamed at, assaulted and intimidated by unhinged leftists leading up to Kavanaugh’s confirmation–now the GOP lawmakers are receiving death threats on their personal cell phones.

The hysterical liberals aren’t taking the news well–tears flowed and they screamed at the sky.

Unhinged leftists also stormed the SCOTUS steps and pounded on the courtroom doors!

Now they’re threatening to kill Republican Senators.

An unnamed GOP Senator told FOX News that Senators have had death threats text messaged and called in to their personal phones.

The Senator also said this is “unusual.”

FOX News reported: Colleague Peter Doocy rpts a GOP senator says senators have had death threats texted to their person phones. Calls that “unusual.” Also says some senators who flew home after Kavanaugh vote were accompanied by police for protection

Only a small trusted group of staffers have the Senators’ personal cell phone numbers.

Via FOX News producer Pat Ward: “Fox News is told by this lawmaker that Senators share each other’s contact info through a small pocket-sized book issued at the beginning of each congress, generally only issued to a small and trusted group of staffers.”…

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