Italy’s Salvini: EU Commission President Juncker has “ruined Europe and Italy”

In terms of the mass Muslim migrant influx, this is manifestly true.

“Italy’s Matteo Salvini: EU has ‘ruined our country,’” DW, October 5, 2018:

Deputy premier Matteo Salvini has suggested EU Commission President Jean-Claude Juncker had “ruined Europe and our country.” Disputes over Italy’s budget with the EU come ahead of next year’s EU elections.

The far-right, Euroskeptic head of Italy’s League party appeared to strengthen his line against EU opposition to Italy’s tax-cutting budget on Friday.

Speaking at an agricultural trade fair in Rome, Deputy Prime Minister and Interior Minister Matteo Salvini said: “The EU said yes to (past) budgets that impoverished Italy and made its situation precarious.”

“So I don’t get up in the morning thinking about the judgment that people like Juncker and (EU Economic Affairs Commissioner Pierre) Moscovici, who have ruined Europe and Italy, have of the government and of Italy,” Salvini added.

‘I talk to sober people’

On Tuesday, Salvini had threatened to seek damages from Juncker for scaring off investors by attacking Rome’s budget plans, amid some thinly veiled personal remarks levelled at the president.

When asked by broadcaster La7 about Juncker’s suggestion Italy might pose a Greece-like threat to the euro, Salvini replied: “I talk to sober people who don’t make comparisons that aren’t here nor there.”

“He should drink two glasses of water before opening his mouth, and stop spreading non-existent threats,” Salvini continued. “Or we’ll ask him for damages.”…

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