CNN clashes with Hungarian foreign minister over immigration and multiculturalism

For globalists, immigration means an open free-for-all for anybody and everybody, not responsible policies of screening and vetting, insofar as such things are possible. And they brook no discussion.

To globalists, multiculturalism also has meaning. It means all cultures are equal. The implication is that sharia — with its supremacist abuses and wanton persecution and even murder — is equal to democratic rule, but this is also an issue that we must never discuss. We must never debate ideology and integration.

Attempts to save free societies from the globalist brands of “immigration” and “multiculturalism” are a shock or embarrassment to globalists, and they react severely. CNN’s Christiane Amanpour was nearly convulsing during her interview with Hungarian foreign minister Peter Szijjarto, who calmly concluded:

We have been a Christian country for a millennium, and I don’t really understand why is it bad news that we don’t want to change that.

“CNN vs Hungary: Leftist Network Clashes with Foreign Minister on Multiculturalism, Migrants, Soros,” by Jack Montgomery, Breitbart, October 5, 2018:

CNN has clashed with Péter Szijjártó, foreign minister to Hungary’s conservative-populist leader Viktor Orbán, on topics including multiculturalism, mass migration, and George Soros, over a wide-ranging interview.

Christiane Amanpour, the left-liberal network’s British-Iranian chief international anchor, introduced the segment by referring to the Hungarian government’s alleged “clampdown on democratic institutions” and “draconian” immigration controls — characterisations which the Hungarians reject.

“Your prime minister, Prime Minister Orbán, has repeatedly said that his main aim is to preserve, quote, ‘Christian Hungary’, and you’ve said ‘We don’t accept that multiculturalism is a value by itself’,” Amanpour said to Szijjártó, apparently horrified.

“It’s weird, that kind of language, isn’t it? It’s very out of step with the world,” she asserted.

“No, it’s honest,” the Hungarian responded matter of factly.

“It’s honest? OK, it’s honest from your perspective,” Amanpour pressed on. “But what are you saying? That anything other than white Christians into your country are not accepted?”

“No, no-one said, that,” Szijjártó replied.

“Yeah, yeah, yeah, excuse me,” Amanpour interrupted immediately, glancing down at her notes.

“Your prime minister did say it: a Christian Hungary; preserve a Christian Hungary,” she repeated triumphantly — failing to acknowledge that the injection of the word “white” seemed to have been her own editorialisation.

“We have been a Christian country for a millennium, and I don’t really understand why is it bad news that we don’t want to change that,” the Hungarian answered, seemingly unperturbed….

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