Now available: The History of Jihad audiobook — read by Robert Spencer

The audiobook of my bestselling book The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS — read by me, the first of my books that I have recorded for audio — is now available here. And you can get the hardcover here and the Kindle here.

In this book, for the first time, is the entire history of Islamic jihad activity from the beginning of Islam to the present day – from Spain to India, from Muhammad’s massacre of Jews at the Khaybar oasis in Arabia to the hijacked jets taking down the World Trade Center, and beyond.

In The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS, the renowned scholar of Islam Robert Spencer briskly traces the 1,400-year war of Islamic jihadis against the rest of the world, detailing the jihad against Europe, including the 700-year struggle to conquer Constantinople; the jihad in Spain, where non-Muslims fought for another 700 years to get the jihadi invaders out of the country; and the jihad against India, where Muslim warriors and conquerors wrought unfathomable devastation in the name of their religion.

This briskly readable book spans the globe, involves multitudes, and introduces you to numerous unforgettable characters, including:

The Christian whose personal grudge facilitated the jihad conquest of Spain
The emperor of India who treated his non-Muslim subjects with tolerance and kindness – because he had grown disenchanted with Islam
The Sultan who commanded the jihad conquest of Cyprus because he had grown fond of Cypriot wine
The Christian leader who was hanged outside his cathedral for five days as a warning to other Christians not to resist Islamic rule
And many, many more, vividly portrayed in this rich historical epic
Told in great part in the words of contemporary chroniclers themselves, both Muslim and non-Muslim, The History of Jihad From Muhammad to ISIS definitively proves the falsehood of the prevailing assumption that Islam is fundamentally peaceful and that jihad terrorism is relatively new. This book demonstrates beyond any doubt that Islamic terror is as old as Islam itself — as old as Muhammad, the prophet of Islam, who said “I have been made victorious through terror” – and is a constant of Islamic history.

This book is the key to understanding the geopolitical situation of the twenty-first century, and the challenges that free nations will be facing for generations to come. Get the audiobook here now.

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