Toronto Jewish school tagged with graffiti: “Free Palestine,” “Long life to the Hamas”

“Free Palestine” could have been scrawled by any fully indoctrinated Leftist,” but “Long life to the Hamas” makes it almost certain that the perpetrators here were Muslims, both because of the un-idiomatic “Long life” and the definite article before “Hamas,” indicting that the person writing the message was aware that Hamas is an Arabic acronym for “Islamic Resistance Movement.”

“Toronto police investigating after Jewish school targeted with graffiti,” by Joshua Freeman,, October 9, 2018 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

Toronto police are investigating after a Jewish day school was targeted with graffiti over the Thanksgiving weekend.

The messages were found Tuesday morning scrawled at the south campus of Leo Baeck Day School in the area of Eglinton Avenue and Allen Road.

Toronto police said one sign read “Free Palestine” while another read “Long Live Palestine” and said they are investigating the graffiti as an act of mischief.

A news release sent out by the Centre For Israel and Jewish Affairs showed “Long life to the Hamas” scrawled on another sign at the school. CIJA said that nearby Beth Sholom Synagogue was also targeted with graffiti….

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