US State Department Iran Desk Shervin Hadjilou linked to Islamic Republic Lobby Group

Shervin Hadjilou, a State Department civil servant for the past ten years, has acted as a liaison and a bridge between the Iran desk at the State Department with the National Iranian American Council (NIAC), one of the most influential Iranian lobby groups in the US, with direct ties to the Islamic Republic of Iran.

Hadjilou, a native of California with an Iranian heritage, has recently invited NIAC members to meet with various US policy makers. She continues to advocate pro-Islamic Republic policies, as she did while working with the Obama administration.

A list of NIAC members were invited to the White House to attend Nowruz parties and policy round tables during President Obama’s administration. Even recently in New York City, Hadjilou invited a group of NIAC members to meet with Brian Hook, State Department Special Representative for Iran, who leads the Iran Action Committee.

This WikiLeaks report shows Hadjilou has also overseen the US State Department grants for Iran, and according to a source, she has helped NIAC with several grant applications. The following link provides Hadjilou attended a NIAC conference.

Recently, when US Secretary of State Mike Pompeo made a historic visit to Southern California to meet with the Iranian American diaspora, Hadjilou refused to attend, even though she leads the outreach department for the diaspora. According to an anonymous source, she was livid that she couldn’t invite her NIAC friends. However, she managed to fill up the front row seats with anti-Trump and anti-Republican guests. The VIP guests at Secretary Pompeo’s visit to Reagan Library in Simi Valley California included Jason Rezaian, a Washington Post reporter and critic of President Trump, who wrote this op-ed after attending the event.

Others who were exclusively invited to have dinner with Secretary Pompeo included Homa Sarshar, freelance journalist in Los Angeles, who is a donor and supporter of Hillary Clinton and has heavily criticized President Trump. Another guest was Kambiz Hosseini, the famous Satire TV personality, who despite receiving State Department grants, produces programs that are mostly anti-American and anti-Trump. Azadeh Kar, another activist and a known anti-Trump activist, was invited to sit in the front row and have dinner with Secretary Pompeo.

Following her attendance, she wrote an apology post for being in one place with Secretary Pompeo. She wrote, “Some individuals and groups are surprised that I accepted the invitation to attend US Secretary of State’s ‘Supporting Iranian Voices’ dinner on July 22, 2018. I don’t blame them; they don’t know me. They only know about my family perhaps, and little about my personal beliefs and my work.”

Meanwhile, Hadjilou doesn’t shy away from opposing President Trump openly. In fact, soon after President Trump was sworn in, she took part in an anti-Trump rally in Washington, DC and Los Angeles, and posted her photos proudly on her Facebook account.  (Photo: January 2017, Washington, DC)


Shervin Hadjilou, the public diplomacy officer in the Office of Iranian Affairs, sent the email and cc’d four other State Department officials who deal with Iran issues, including one cyber-security expert, according to Crabtree. She adds, “Two sources familiar with the details of the hack said the State Department and outside contractors determined that Iranian officials were the perpetrators. The hack, which began Sept. 21, had compromised at least two State Department officials’ government email accounts before they regained control of them, as well as private email addresses and Facebook and other social media accounts, the source said.”

“They had access to everything in those email accounts,” the source continued, “Everyone in the [US State Department Iranian Affairs] community was very upset—it was a major problem.”

While our President Donald Trump is working to make America great again, it is mind-boggling that Obama holdovers are still employed by the current administration, and still work to undermined both America and Iranian-Americans.

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