“One out of every four ‘Palestinians’ is a potential terrorist”

That few? Unlikely. Practically from birth, “Palestinian” children are ruthlessly and relentlessly indoctrinated into a culture of rage, Jew-hatred, and the glorification of jihad violence.

Murderers of Israelis are celebrated as heroes, and when those murders take place, “Palestinians” pass out candy on the street in celebration. So this IDF commander thinks that 75% of the “Palestinians” are not potential jihad terrorists? Unfortunately, he is being dangerously naive. The recent “protests” at the Gaza border showed that it would be immensely difficult to find a “Palestinian” who was not a terrorist or a terrorist sympathizer.

“‘One out of every four Palestinians is a potential terrorist,’” Arutz Sheva, October 12, 2018 (thanks to Mark):

IDF commander in Judea region estimates that one quarter of Palestinian Authority population are ‘potential terrorists’.

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