“British citizens should prepare for the day that a chemical attack comes,” says Minister of State

The UK government surrenders. And continues to import these hostile invaders.

Voice of Europe, October 8, 2018:
The British Minister of State for Security claims that reports show the risk of a chemical weapons attack is rising in the UK.

Recently in a Security conference Ben Wallace, British Minister of State for Security, stated that the terrorist threat of a chemical attack on British soil is rising.

This rising threat is mainly due to the over 900 British citizens who have gone to Iraq or Syria to fight with ISIS. Over 700 of them have returned home to the UK and brought with them the knowledge of how to carry out a chemical weapons attack.

About 150 of the British citizens who went to Iraq or Syria to fight with Isis have been killed.

Wallace alleged that terrorists “continue to explore new ways to kill us on our streets”. One of the main ways he claims is through chemical weapons attacks. He told British citizens “to be prepared for the day” that one of these attacks “might come”.

There are also repeated warnings that from police and constantly echoed by British politicians that failure to strike a deal with the European Union allowing Britain to continue sharing and receiving intelligence with European allies, would harm the fight against terrorism in the homeland.

This statement is true, but also a self serving way for a British politician to help Britain leave the European Union, while still have more attachments to it than the British people voted for.

The intelligent sharing would most likely continue whether they struck a tight deal with the European Union or not. The US and Australia share intelligence very closely with Britain and they are not part of a joint political union.

The terrorist threat of a chemical weapons attack on British soil is rising, but the British government doesn’t seem to have a plan to counter it other than talking about “islamophobia” or trying to continue to campaign to stay in the European Union.

Either that or they’re not telling the public what they’re doing to counter this rising threat.

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