Italy: “Palestinian” Muslim arrested for jihad plot to poison public drinking water supply

We know that jihadis have long wanted to poison the water supply. As far back as 2002, the feds arrested two jihadis who were carrying plans about how to poison water supplies. In 2003, al-Qaeda threatened to poison water supplies in Western countries. In 2011, a jihadi in Spain likewise planned to poison water supplies.

And in May 2013, seven Muslim “chemical engineers” were caught trespassing at the Quabbin Reservoir, a key supply of water for Boston, after midnight. Only months later and indirectly did we hear that it was a “criminal matter.” A month later, locks were cut at the aqueduct that supplies water to Greater Boston.

Also in May 2013, jihadists were caught in Canada who had considered poisoning air and water to murder up to 100,000 people. In October 2013, the FBI was investigating a possible water supply threat in Wichita. In January 2014, a Muslim broke into a water treatment plant in New Jersey. In September 2018 in Lebanon, a Muslim was arrested for two jihad mass poisoning plots, one of the Lebanese army’s water supply.

“Report: Palestinian arrested in Italy for plan to poison public water,” by Sara Rubenstein, Jerusalem Post, November 28, 2018:

Italian police arrested a 38-year-old Palestinian in Macomer, Sardinia on Wednesday who was reportedly planning to poison the island’s drinking water.

The suspect, who has a Palestinian passport and a Italian residency permit, was arrested Wednesday morning in Macomer.

Italian police were monitoring the suspect for an extended period before his arrest….

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