Senator Rubio: A “significant # of Senate Democrats now support” boycotting the Jews #BDS

Finally! Senator Marco Rubio has admitted what most rational thinking pro-Israel Americans already know.

the Democrat Party is rabidly anti-Israel and anti-Semitic. AIPAC made a massive mistake by choosing not to confront the Democrat Party’s anti-Israel hostility, and for allowing J-Street to ferociously defame Israel to the Democrat Party unchallenged. AIPAC’s other massive mistake was choosing not to embrace the pro-Israel President Trump, out of fear of offending Democrats who already despised Israel. AIPAC could very well be on a road to irrelevance, as a price to pay for their cowardice and incompetence. A real pro-Israel lobbying group, that is not afraid to effectively confront anti-Israel Democrats, anti-Israel Jewish groups, or the BDS thugs, is urgently needed.

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