Emmanuel Macron planning to ship 130 suspected ISIS jihadis from Syria back to France

And this is why France and most of Western Europe is doomed. You can deny reality, but you cannot avoid the consequences of denying reality. While crushing the French working man with the burden of the Paris climate ruse, Macron is bringing jihadis to France. This comes on top of his suicidal immigration policies that have created Muslim enclaves all over France. The hijrah (jihad by immigration) has roiled the continent and the refusal to address the root cause leaves France and inevitably Western Europe at the mercy (and there is none) of their invaders. Let them eat cake!

Civil war is a ‘comin.

“Emmanuel Macron planning to ship 130 suspected ISIS members from Syria BACK TO FRANCE,” by Carly Read, Express, January 29, 2019:

EMMANUEL Macron has ordered the safe return of 130 suspected ISIS terrorists back to France amid concerns his government could lose track of them once the US withdraws its troops from Syria.

Some 130 Islamic State suspects from France are being held in custody by Syrian Democratic Forces (SDF) while they wait to be brought back to Paris. According to French channel BFMTV, the are expected to be returned in the coming weeks. Christophe Castaner, France’s Interior Minister, said: “All those who will return to France will be entrusted to the judges. The judge will decide that it will be necessary to put them in prison. “The Americans are disengaging from Syria… There are now people in prison who are being held because the Americans are there and who are going to be released.”

He added: “They’ll want to return to France.”

Among those in custody in northern Syria is Adrien Guihal, a French Muslim who masterminded the attacks in France including one in Nice that killed 87 people….

Far-Right leader Marine Le Pen also expressed her outrage, particularly at Mr Castaner’s comments that those in Syria and Iraq “are jihadists, but they were French first“.

She tweeted this morning: “Non CCastaner, they are jihadists, they should no longer be French.”

Yet Nadim Houry, director of the counterterrorism program at Human Rights Watch, praised the decision.

She said: “This may be unpopular but it is the right thing to do. Prosecute those who committed crimes, reintegrate children.”…

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