UK: Terror Jihad: security services investigating 700 live terror plots, have thwarted 18 since Westminster jihad attack

What did the British government expect? When they brought in a massive number of Muslim migrants, they opened the door to jihad in the UK. Now it is happening, and they have no one but themselves to blame. But instead of realizing what they have done to their own country, they are focused on hounding and persecuting anyone and everyone who dares to utter the slightest negative word about Islam or jihad. Britain is finished.

“UK security services are investigating 700 live terror plots as counter-terrorism bosses reveal they have thwarted 18 since Westminster horror,” by Rebecca Camber, Daily Mail, January 22, 2019 (thanks to Lukasz):

A record 700 live investigations into terror plots are being carried out at present, Britain’s most senior counter terrorism officer said last night.

Neil Basu also revealed that a total of 18 potentially deadly plots had been thwarted since March 2017 – almost one a month.

Mr Basu, the head of UK counter-terrorism policing, said he was ‘incredibly concerned’ that a no-deal Brexit could weaken efforts to tackle terrorism and leave the country in ‘a very bad place’.

It came as MI5 director general Andrew Parker yesterday warned Theresa May and her Cabinet that the threat was being driven by Islamic State, including lone-wolfs inspired by the terror group.

He also said that a resurgent Al Qaeda remains ‘a prominent threat to the UK and its Western allies’.

Mr Basu revealed that police and the security services are now investigating a record 700 live terror investigations, up from around 500 in 2017.

He said that in the past two years four far-Right extremist plots and 14 Islamist terror plots had been foiled. This compares with 30 planned attacks that were successfully disrupted in the four years before March 2017.

More than 31,000 pieces of information were passed to police in 2017, but worryingly this more than halved to 13,093 last year.

In both years, just over a fifth of the tips led to the identification of a suspect, a plot being disrupted or enabled a criminal to be prosecuted.

Mr Basu, the Metropolitan Police assistant commissioner, said he was ‘incredibly grateful’ that last year Britain was spared the level of carnage of 2017, when dozens of people were killed in terror attacks in London and Manchester….

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