Lie Jihad: Antisemitic US Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib lies about anti-boycott of the Jews legislation in sickening video

The anti-Semitic and pro-jihad Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib represents Michigan’s 13th congressional district. The poorest in Michigan, and third poorest in the United States. Unfortunately, Tlaib will not use her newfound political influence to help the people in her impoverished district. Instead, Tlaib has chosen to represent the BDS (Boycott the Jews) movement. She has chosen to speak for the Palestinian terrorists in Ramallah and Gaza.

Recently, Tlaib produced a video to protest anti-BDS legislation that recently passed in the U.S Senate. In this pro-BDS video, Tlaib references “First Amendment protection,” knowing full well that there is nothing in this piece of legislation that will violate the First Amendment or criminalize criticism of Israel. Anti-Semites such as Tlaib will continue to have the right to boycott and defame Israel whenever they chose. The bill will simply allow states to boycott organizations that support the BDS movement, should they choose to do so. Furthermore, it is the First Amendment rights of pro-Israel Americans that are being violated, since they continue to be violently bullied, harassed, and marginalized by thugs such as Rep. Rashida Tlaib.

In the video, Tlaib references Israel’s checkpoints. Israel has rightfully implemented checkpoints for security purposes. Naturally, Tlaib will not disclose that high levels of Palestinian incitement and terrorism against Israeli citizens forced the Israel government to implement these security check points.

Tlaib also blamed Israel for the economic and poverty issues in Palestinian society. However, Tlaib failed to mention that the Palestinians have received billions of dollars in economic aid, only to have it squandered away by the Palestinian leadership in their war against Israel. Tlaib also failed to mention how much of the Palestinian leadership has lived in luxury for decades, including Mahmoud Abbas, who lives in a $13 million dollar presidential palace and flies around the world in a private jet.

Pro-Israel Americans must not allow Rep. Rashida Tlaib to slander Israel unchallenged. Tlaib is lying through her teeth and can easily be exposed. Pro-Israel Americans must demand that AIPAC and Republicans such as Rep. Lee Zeldin, Rep. Kevin McCarthy, Senator Marco Rubio, Senator Ted Cruz, and others counter Tlaib’s lies with the truth.

Sadly, check points cannot prevent all Palestinian terrorist attacks. Israel’s Ori Ansbacher was sexually assaulted and brutally murdered by a Palestinian terrorist this past week. Ori Ansbacher was just 19 years old, and had her whole life ahead of her. The Palestinian Authority will pay the family of her murders vast amounts of money, to honor their “Pay to slay Jews” policy.

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