The ADL Took Money From One of the Biggest Funders of Alt-Left Anti-Semitism

The ADL did good work once upon a time, fifty years ago. But its mission has morphed. Instead of protecting the Jewish people, they have aligned with the jihad force and have used their considerable influence and resources to go after proud Jews and Zionists (including me), while giving vicious Muslim antisemites sanction and cover. The ADL had a hand in norming Jew-hatred — attacking proud Jews and standing with anti-Semites. They can’t wash the sins from their hands with platitudes now. For ignoring leftist Jew-hatred and even working in tandem with those who propagate it, Greenblatt, if there were any proud Jews left in the ADL. should be made to resign in disgrace. But he won’t be.

“The ADL Took Money From One of the Biggest Funders of Alt-Left Anti-Semitism,” by Daniel Greenfield, Breaking Israel News, February 8, 2019 (thanks to Mark):

On February 2017, Juan Thompson, a former reporter for the alt-left hate site, The Intercept, phoned in a bomb threat to the ADL. The phone threat targeting the ADL’s headquarters was one of a number of threats that the disgraced activist and journalist had made to a variety of Jewish organizations.

On November 2017, the ADL tweeted its gratitude to the Omidyar Network, the foundation behind The Intercept for donating $250,000 in seed money to set up a Silicon Valley center for fighting online hate.

Another $1.5 million would be provided by Omidyar to fund the Center on Technology and Society.

After being targeted for harassment by one of The Intercept’s failed bigots, the ADL responded by getting into bed with his employer, a leading financier of alt-left anti-Semitism on the internet.

Thompson’s hateful threats against Jewish institutions have been downplayed as the side effects of stalking an ex-girlfriend, but this glib dismissal doesn’t address his choice to terrorize Jewish institutions or how the hateful culture of the alt-left hate site he had worked for had contributed to his bigotry.

The ADL has chosen to ignore the subject and most alt-left anti-Semitism on the internet.

“Fifty years ago, extremists were hiding behind hoods and burning crosses. Today, they’re hiding behind avatars and burning up Twitter. I’m grateful to Omidyar Network for its generous support an thankful that the board members are sharing their expertise to help us put a stop to online hate,” Jonathan Greenblatt, the Obama vet who now heads the ADL, cheered.

Implicit in Greenblatt’s reference to hoods and burning crosses, was that the ADL and its new Center on Technology and Society would be targeting online hate from the alt-right, not the alt-left. Greenblatt’s tweet thanking a funder of alt-left anti-Semitism for its support, mentioned hate, not anti-Semitism….

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