Bernie Sanders Fills Ranks With Antisemites Tied to Jew-Hating Scandal

If this vicious self-hating Jew is elected President, he will make pro-Israel Americans miss President Obama.

In 2016, Bernie Sanders packed the Democrat Party’s platform committee with Israel-hating anti-Semites such as James Zogby, Cornel West, and Keith Ellison. We are already seeing the same thing happen in the early stages of his 2020 presidential campaign.

Sanders swiftly hired Matt Duss and Faiz Shakir, both of whom have been accused of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories, during their time at the Israel-hating Center for American Progress. In fact, Shakir even co-chaired an event that included a Hamas fundraiser, and has a history of promoting Jihad groups.

This is likely only the beginning. As the Sanders campaign continues to progress, more radical pro-Jihad anti-Semites will be hired by the Sanders campaign, since that is who his voting base is. If elected president, a Sanders cabinet meeting will look like a pro-BDS convention. God help pro-Israel American Jews, (especially on college campuses) should Bernie Sanders be elected President.

Sanders Fills Ranks With Anti-Israel Advocates Tied to Anti-Semitism Scandal
Top minds behind Sanders’s foreign policy vision notorious for anti-Israel views

By Adam Kredo, March 6, 2019 – The Washington Free Beacon

Two of Sen. Bernie Sanders’s (I., Vt.) top advisers have deep ties to the anti-Israel community and were chastised several years ago for their involvement in an anti-Semitism scandal that gripped a prominent Washington, D.C., think-tank.

Sanders, a self-proclaimed Democratic-socialist who has once again thrown his hat into the ring for a 2020 presidential bid, has begun to rely in recent months on two staffers: Foreign policy adviser Matt Duss and campaign manager Faiz Shakir, both of whom faced charges of promoting anti-Semitic conspiracy theories during their time at the Center for American Progress, or CAP, a liberal think-tank.

Sanders’s dependence on Duss and Shakir has been making waves in the pro-Israel and Jewish community in recent months, given the duo’s prominent role in CAP’s 2012 anti-Semitism row, which saw several staffers at the organization’s Think Progress blog rebuked for invoking age-old canards about Jewish control of money and politics. Duss has faced additional scrutiny in the subsequent years for publishing Nazi-era propaganda posters and steadfastly standing against the U.S.-Israel alliance.


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