UK’s Muslim peer Lord Ahmed charged with attempted child rape

My longtime nemesis Lord Ahmed — what took so long? Longtime Geller Report are familiar with this sinister figure. He is the jihadi who threatened the House of Lords with protests and demonstrations if they did not cancel their invitation to Geert Wilders to screen his Quran-critical film “Fitna.” In 2009, he “struck and killed a young man with his Jaguar” while text messaging and got twelve weeks in prison. The victim’s parents were understandably unhappy with the sentence. They lost their son, this manslaughterer and inciter of Islamic violence got 12 weeks. And now — child rape. Why not? Muhammad “consummated his marriage” with Aisha when she was nine. Lord Ahmed is just imitating his prophet.

 “Lord Ahmed charged with attempted child rape,” by Josh Halliday, Guardian, March 1, 2019:

The former Labour peer Nazir Ahmed has been charged with two counts of attempted rape dating back to the 1970s.

Lord Ahmed, 61, is also charged with one count of indecent assault. His alleged victims were a girl and a boy aged under 13.

The alleged offences are said to have taken place in Rotherham between 1971 and 1974, when Ahmed was a teenager.

He and two other men, Mohammed Farouq, 68, and Mohammed Tariq, 63, both from Rotherham, were charged as part of a South Yorkshire police investigation that began in 2016.

The Crown Prosecution Service said Ahmed was charged with indecently assaulting a boy aged under 13 in 1971-72, when he was aged 14 to 15.

He is alleged to have committed the two attempted rapes, at least one of which was against a girl, in 1973-74 when he was aged 16 to 17.

Ahmed, a married father of three, was born in Pakistan and moved with his family to the UK in 1969 to join his father, who was working in steel factories in Rotherham.

He joined the Labour party in 1975 aged 18 and became Rotherham’s first Asian councillor in 1990, later becoming the town’s youngest magistrate. He was made a made a peer by Tony Blair in 1998 and was one of the first Muslims to be appointed to the Lords….

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