Philippines: Jihad leaders sworn in as administrators of a new Muslim autonomous region

There is no way that this will end well and that peace will now come to the Philippines. The jihad imperative doesn’t end when Muslims establish an autonomous regime. There will be new pretexts for violence, new complaints and new demands, and the strife will continue.

“Muslim rebel commanders transform into Philippine officials,” Associated Press, February 22, 2019:

MANILA, Philippines: Some of the fiercest Muslim rebel commanders in the southern Philippines are in Manila to be sworn in as administrators of a new Muslim autonomy region in a delicate milestone to settle one of Asia’s longest-raging rebellions.

President Rodrigo Duterte will lead a ceremony Friday to name Moro Islamic Liberation Front leader Murad Embrahim and some of his top commanders as administrators of a transition government for the five-province Bangsamoro region….

The Philippines and Western governments and the guerrillas see Muslim autonomy as an antidote to ease nearly half a century of Muslim secessionist violence, which the Daesh group could exploit to gain a foothold.

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