Italy: Muslim migrants stabs two passersby in train station, cops say it’s not terror-related

How they arrived at this conclusion is not explained. Was it because the victims were an Ivorian and a Gambian, suggesting that perhaps this incident involved African migrant drug dealers or some other criminal activity? Yet the report does characterize the victims as “passers-by,” which gives the impression that they were random, not known to the attacker. In any case, this is the culture of violence that mass Muslim migration has brought to Europe, and that the EU is determined to continue to inflict upon Europeans.

“Two people stabbed at Milan train station,” ANSA, March 8, 2019 (thanks to The Religion of Peace):

(ANSA) – Milan, March 8 – A 33-year-old Libyan national was arrested by Carabinieri police on Friday after allegedly stabbing and injuring two passers-by at Milan’s central station, sources said.

The injured people are a 31-year-old Ivorian and a 20-year-old Gambian. The attack is not thought to be terrorism-related, the sources said.

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