Ohio: Muslim who tried to join ISIS asks for leniency: “I was confused but my intent was to be part of the solution”

“I just want to ask you for mercy and leniency for me. … you will never regret it.”

If U.S. District Court Judge Walter Rice falls for this, he will be gambling with the lives of innocent civilians. Of course, it would be “Islamophobic” to bring up Muhammad’s dictim “war is deceit” (Bukhari 4.52.268) in this context, but Alebbini readily admits below that he agrees with the Islamic State’s agenda, although he claims to reject its violence. Alebbini has almost certainly heard that saying of Muhammad.

“Dayton man convicted on terrorism counts asks for ‘mercy and leniency,’” by Mark Gokavi, Dayton Daily News, March 9, 2019:

A Dayton man convicted of conspiracy and attempting to fly overseas to join ISIS said a federal judge would “never regret” giving him a sentencing break.

Laith W. Alebbini, 28, told U.S. District Court Judge Walter Rice on Friday afternoon what motivated him to try to get to Syria was to see if ISIS was the right group to join to fight the Bashar al-Assad regime.

“Maybe I was confused, but my intent was to be part of the solution,” Alebbini said. “I just want to ask you for mercy and leniency for me. … you will never regret it.”

Addressing the court during a sentencing hearing, Alebbini disputed prosecutors’ characterizations of his thinking and said he admires the United States and hopes for a United States of Arabia.

Alebbini said many Islamic groups like ISIS favor that ideology.

“I would never kill innocent people because of that,” he said. “I agree with the agenda but disagree with the violence.”…

Alebbini’s federal public defender Thomas Anderson has advocated for a sentence of time served (nearly two years) and denounced the 30- to 40-year range he said has been proposed by pretrial services and prosecutors….

A cousin who grew up with Alebbini in Jordan testified by telephone from Canada. Mohammad Ababneh said Alebbini was “all talk” and “incapable” of violence. Alebbini has no criminal history.

Ababneh said Alebbini had been depressed over being unemployed, was smoking marijuana regularly and felt like a “major disappointment” to their family….

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