Rep. Ilhan Omar accuses The Hill of “othering” her by mentioning that she posted “Muslim verse”

The Hill is actively Sharia-compliant and wouldn’t dare publish anything remotely critical of jihad terror or Sharia oppression of women and others, but that’s not good enough. Apparently The Hill was not even supposed to notice that the verse Ilhan Omar quoted was Islamic, and to do so is “othering” her, even though she is quite ostentatiously Islamic and “others” herself willingly.

The establishment media is going to have to learn the new rules: As a Sharia-observant Muslim, Ilhan Omar is a victim. She is therefore never to be questioned, challenged, or contradicted. She is to be treated at all times and in all circumstances with adulatory praise. Even to note her activities in a neutral manner is “othering” and enhances her victim status, and probably makes you responsible for the New Zealand massacre. Ilhan Omar is our new master. Bow down!

“Rep. Ilhan Omar accuses The Hill of ‘otherizing’ her by mentioning she said a Muslim verse,” Twitchy, March 16, 2019:

We’re old enough to have attended school back before terms like “intersectionality” and “marginalization” had taken over the curriculum, so we didn’t see the carefully placed dog-whistle in The Hill’s tweet about Rep. Ilhan Omar reciting a Muslim verse in the aftermath of the Christchurch mass shooting. Maybe you’ll catch it.

 First, our guess is that a Muslim verse is a verse said by Muslims, and second, where the hell did she get the idea that The Hill was suggesting that Muslims aren’t allowed to say a prayer for their dead?…

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