Netherlands: Utrecht jihad mass murderer left note saying he acted in the name of Allah

Cue the avalanche of establishment media articles explaining that this had nothing to do with Islam. Or maybe that propaganda barrage isn’t even needed anymore. Everyone now takes for granted that whenever a Muslim commits mass murder in the name of Islam and in accord with its teachings, he becomes ipso facto non-Muslim, and only greasy Islamophobes would think otherwise.

“Gökmen T. wrote in a letter that he acted in the name of Allah,” translated from “Gökmen T. schreef in briefje uit naam van Allah te handelen,” RTL Nieuws, March 19, 2019:

The note found in the Gökmen T. flight car states that he acted in the name of Allah at the time of the attack on a Utrecht tram. He also greets his “Muslim brothers” in the letter.

Based on this, combined with the ties of T.’s brother and father with Salafist Muslim movements, the police and the Public Prosecution Service still think this was a terrorist attack.

That is what De Telegraaf writes. The note was found in the red Renault Clio that prime suspect T. used after the attack.
Terrorist motive

Because of the discovery of the note and ‘the nature of the facts’, the police and the Public Prosecution Service take ‘seriously’ into account that there is a terrorist motive behind the attack.

A conflict in the relational sphere, such as honor killing, would be much more unlikely, since no relationship has been established between the suspect and the victims….

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