Sweden: Christian Family Flees to Poland after State Turns His Daughters Over to Muslim Family

This is hardly exclusive to Sweden. We have seen this in the UK as well. But Muslim children can only be adopted by Muslims. Spain, too, has agreed to amend its adoption code for children born to Muslim parents. Islam doesn’t follow the Western tradition of adoption, in which the adoptive parents have total control of the child and how he/she is raised once the adoption is finalized. Instead, Islamic adoption is essentially a form of legal guardianship. France has already amended its adoption laws to accommodate Muslim-born children. If the US changes their laws then there will be no safe haven for children. And the Turkish government sweeps has demanded that foster and adopted children of Turkish immigrants who now live in Christian homes be returned to their biological parents or replaced with Muslim families.

A father in Sweden fled to Poland with his children after they were placed with a Muslim foster family 300 miles away. Peter Lisov fled Sweden with his children and is seeking refuge in Poland.

The children were only allowed to see their father for six hours every week.

The Swedish social services’ decision to place three Christian girls in a Muslim Lebanese family has resulted in an international scandal, involving Poland.

After the Swedish social services attempted to place Denis Lisov’s three children in a Muslim foster family, the Russian father took his daughters and fled Sweden, unleashing a thriller-like sequence of events.

Denis Lisov came to Sweden seven years ago. In 2017, his wife fell ill, whereupon social services decided to take away his children on the grounds that he had no full employment and was therefore unable to take care of them. Instead, they were placed in a Muslim Lebanese family. Lisov’s family formally retained the custody of the children, but only had the right to see them six hours a week, the Swedish news outlet Samhällsnytt reported.

According to Babken Khanzadyan, who represents the Lisovs, they weren’t given any opportunity to defend their rights, and the girls didn’t want to stay there.

After his daughters had spent over a year in the Muslim family, about 300 kilometres from their real father, Denis had had enough. He took his daughters and decided to return to Russia. However, he was stopped at Warsaw airport, as the Swedish authorities reported his daughters missing. Therefore, he has applied for asylum in Poland instead.


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