Gay Jamaican Pro-Israel Prof Makes Muslim Student Feel “Unsafe”

Will the safe spaces never end?

I wrote about the case of Dr. Jason Hill last month.

Dr. Jason Hill is a gay Jamaican immigrant who teaches philosophy and lectures about civil rights. But after defending Israel, DePaul student organizations, including Students for Justice in Palestine, a notorious anti-Semitic nationwide hate group whose members have praised Hitler and called for another Holocaust, United Muslims Moving Ahead (UMMA), an Islamist campus group, which invited a Muslim cleric who rationalized the murder of gay people, DePaul Socialists, and College Democrats, are demanding that a black gay professor undergo “racial sensitivity training”.

The coalition of Hispanic frat boys, socialists and Islamists claimed that Dr. Hill’s defense of Israel and condemnation of Islamic anti-Semitism created “unsafe and uncomfortable spaces for everyone, especially Palestinian and Muslim students.”

Meanwhile UMMA featured a lecture by Shaykh Abdullah bin Hamid Ali who had written in ‘The Homosexual Challenge to Muslim Ethics’ that, “Religions, like Islam, have attempted to outlaw the practice by prescribing punishments like, flogging and stoning, for people who either confess to or are caught committing acts of sodomy”, but that, “Attitudes have changed very much today in both the West and the East perhaps due to neocolonial hegemonic pressures.”

In another essay, the Zaytuna cleric defended the Islamic institution of slavery.

DePaul Socialists and the College Democrats don’t believe that UMMA inviting a cleric from Zaytuna College, a notorious hub of Islamist hatred, who implied that if it weren’t for “neocolonial hegemonic pressures”, gay people could still be safely killed in Muslim countries, is a safe space issue.

The Federalist follows up with more fake victimhood by campus crybullies.

“I don’t feel safe as a Muslim student knowing that someone like this is on our campus,” Hadyia Afzal said. “It’s ridiculous that my tuition is going to the salary of an Islamophobe, of a transphobe, of a very sexist man.”

How does Dr. Hill make Afzal feel unsafe?

Does she believe that the respected academic will physically assault her? Or does any opposition to Jihad make her feel unsafe?

Does a gay men opposing Sharia, which calls for his death, make her feel unsafe?

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