14 Islamic State orphans flown “home” to France, Netherlands

Twelve orphaned children of French Islamic State jihadists and two Dutch orphans from the Islamic State “were flown home” from Syria to France and the Netherlands.

In Western culture, orphans are to be taken in, nurtured and socialized to be productive citizens. It is the humanitarian thing to do. With regards to Islamic State children, however, authorities have no clue what to do. These children are likely to be 14 conditioned Islamic State little war machines. Authorities have no idea about whether it is even possible to deprogram them or to integrate them, and they can offer no assurances to the public that these children will not seek out jihadists within their own community. Known as “Cubs of the Caliphate,” Islamic State children are trained to “use weapons and sent out in combat. Counter-terror experts are concerned about the risks posed by such vulnerable children.”

To give some more insight: The little toddler in the disturbing video that you can view at your own risk HERE, “could possibly be the child of a Western convert….The little boy is handed a gun, and he proceeds to pump five rounds into the victim while shrieking, ‘Allahu akbar!’ The last child killer in the video cuts his victim’s throat next to a kiddie train track and then leaves his knife planted in the victim’s back.”

We all want the best for the world’s children. They are innocent, in need of adult guidance, but the Cubs of the Caliphate are trained to be murderers, trained to hate and to be willing to sacrifice their own lives for the destruction of “disbelievers.” How many among the authorities and “experts” who are advocating for them are willing to open up their homes and expose their own children, themselves, their neighborhoods and their children’s schools to Islamic State children? Most Western authorities have not given any reason for citizens to be confident in their abilities beyond political posturing.

“14 Islamic State Orphans Brought to France, Netherlands,” Breitbart, June 10, 2019:

AFP — Twelve orphaned children of French jihadists were flown home Monday from Syria, along with two Dutch orphans who will be handed over to the Netherlands, the French foreign ministry said.
The latest wave of repatriations of foreigners from crowded camps in northeast Syria targeted a group of children that were “isolated and particularly vulnerable”, the French ministry said, adding some were sick and/or malnourished.

They were handed over to French and Dutch officials by Syrian Kurdish authorities, according to Abdelkarim Omar, a senior Kurdish official.

The transfer marks the latest small step in efforts to resolve the problem posed by the huge numbers of stranded foreign jihadists and their families in Syrian camps.

The children, the oldest of whom is aged 10 according to Omar, had been held together with tens of thousands of people who fled recent fighting against the Islamic State group.

Omar said the transfer took place in the town of Ain Issa on Sunday, near Syria’s border with Turkey.

France has one of the largest contingents of jihadists who were captured or turned themselves in, together with their families, in the final stages of the US-backed Kurdish assault on the last fragment of the IS “caliphate”.

Like many Western countries however it has been torn over what to do with the jihadists, insisting that they must face local justice.

– ‘Inhumane treatment’ –

Larger than expected numbers of families emerged from the ruins of the last IS enclave and the fate of tens of thousands of them remains unclear.

France had already repatriated five orphans from Syria in mid-March, as well as a three-year-old girl whose mother was sentenced to life imprisonment in Iraq.

But so far it has refused to let mothers, some of whom were accused of acting as IS propagandists, return with their children.

France’s Human Rights Defender Jacques Toubon last month called on the government to stop the “inhumane and degrading treatment” of French mothers and children living in Syria….

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