Afghanistan: Taliban say they’ll target radio and TV stations that broadcast anti-Taliban announcements

If they want favorable media coverage, the Taliban should just move to Europe or the U.S. There the establishment media would fawn all over them and always give their point of view without room for dissent or rebuttal.

“Taliban threaten Afghan media, say reporters to be targeted,” Associated Press, June 24, 2019:

The Taliban have issued a threat to Afghan media, saying journalists will be targeted unless news outlets stop broadcasting what they describe as government propaganda against the insurgents.

Monday’s statement gives Afghan radio stations, TV channels and others a week to cease transmitting anti-Taliban announcements paid for by the government.

The Taliban say that Afghan media that refuse to do this will be considered enemy intelligence nests and their journalists and other staffers will not be safe.

The government in Kabul pays media outlets to regularly air pleas to the public to inform authorities if they see any suspicious Taliban activities….

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